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For 20 years, The IDG News Service has served IDG publications as a dedicated daily source of global IT news, commentary and editorial resources. IDG News Service content is directly available only to the staff of publications owned or licensed by IDG, who in turn make it publicly available via their websites, newspapers and magazines.

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The News Service produces original news and feature coverage from its network of bureaus in major IT markets around the world, with a particular focus on providing breaking coverage of the major IT stories of the day to IDG's online news sites.

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News Service staff journalists report from Bangalore,Paris, Romania, New York, Boston and San Francisco, and their stories are supplemented by contributions from IDG media worldwide.

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World Tech Update

World Tech Update, a global online show produced by IDG News Service, recaps the week's technology news on IDG websites in 15 countries every Friday. It's also on YouTube via Macworld's YouTube Channel.

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